I photograph Nature, Wildlife & Landscape in Scotland and wherever else I may be. 

Passion is what it's all about! Nothing will ever be the same again. It's important to me to capture what I see now. Tomorrow will be too late. 

For this reason I photograph so many things - just the way the light hits something, a ghost sign that's fading away, rare wildlife, even my friends and family. We're not here forever. 

Is that too pessimistic a view for taking photos? I don't think so. I just wish I had started younger. 

Should you have a location or theme for which you want a photograph, but you don't find one on my site, please contact me, it may be I already have something, or could easily obtain one for you. 

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I photograph Nature, Wildlife & Landscape in Scotland and wherever else I may be. 

Photography is what I do when I’m going about my daily life. No matter where I go I have a camera, so having worked and holidayed all over Europe there’s coverage from loads of places.

I’m a Professional Engineer with wide experience in Manufacturing and Design, since 1979. I’ve worked as an Inspector & Expediter in the Oil & Gas Sector since 1996. Before that I successfully ran a Manufacturing Department, met deadlines, reduced production costs and effectiveness of stock holding. Before that I worked in the Coal Mining Industry, it was amazing, but its’ gone.

Career History

Simple Solutions (Scotland) Ltd – 1996 to Present

Materials Manager in Seaboard Lloyd Ltd - Cumbernauld  1991 to 1996

Anderson Strathclyde in Motherwell from 1979 to 1991

University of Strathclyde, Glasgow - BSc (Hons) in Production Engineering and Management.

Hobbies & Interests: Local Church Activities, Ornithology, Walking, Photography, Drawing & Painting. 

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