Arctic Terns - Isle of May

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Isle of May 16 May 2017-0913Isle of May 16 May 2017-0913

Whilst the Auks had all laid their eggs, the Arctic Terns were still arriving. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0912Isle of May 16 May 2017-0912

Some were displaying and showing some mating behaviour, but there was nothing serious yet - 16 May 2017 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0906Isle of May 16 May 2017-0906


Isle of May 16 May 2017-0904Isle of May 16 May 2017-0904


Isle of May 16 May 2017-0903Isle of May 16 May 2017-0903

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0758Isle of May 16 May 2017-0758

Considering that they've just circumnavigated the Antarctic and then flown all the way to the Firth of Forth, they are very energetic!  

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0769Isle of May 16 May 2017-0769


Isle of May 16 May 2017-0770Isle of May 16 May 2017-0770


Isle of May 16 May 2017-0469Isle of May 16 May 2017-0469


Isle of May 16 May 2017-0428Isle of May 16 May 2017-0428

Pillow talk is a bit raucous.  

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0424Isle of May 16 May 2017-0424 This one has a fish in its' mouth - a gift for his mate. 


Isle of May 16 May 2017-0413Isle of May 16 May 2017-0413


Isle of May 16 May 2017-0370Isle of May 16 May 2017-0370

The Arctic Terns have bright red bills as opposed to the Black & Red bill of the Common Tern. Shorter red legs as well. 



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