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Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0281aAmersfoort 27 March 2017-0281a

Amersfoort is a very old town in the Netherlands, but with very many modern buildings too. There is one area though where the old town is very unspoilt and it is well worth a visit. There are city gates that are very well preserved and quite a few canals. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0220Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0220

Old brickwork is very Flemish, you can still see where the windows had arches before lintels were installed. The tie bars and shutters all add to the character. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0206Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0206

One canal goes round in almost a circle and was entirely within the town walls. There were 2 special gates where the canals entered the old city - the Koppelpoort and the Monnikendam. Both are well preserved. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0205Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0205

More old architecture. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0278Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0278

Willows & reflections! 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0202Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0202

The central canal leads off from here. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0183Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0183

This was the last week in March and the temperature was well over 20 degrees C. The dappled shade was lovely. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0269Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0269

The view of the canal at the third city gate - Kamperbinnenpoort. This gate doesn't include a passage for a canal, only the road. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0268Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0268

The view in the opposite direction at the Kamperbinnenpoort.

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0260Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0260

The buildings gradually turn a corner, so there are no boring straight lines. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0262Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0262

Old bridges abound, so do reflections. 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0257Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0257

The variety of architecture is refreshing for someone who lives in a new town! 

Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0256Amersfoort 27 March 2017-0256

View from the Koppelpoort towards the centre of the town. 


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