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Guillemots - Isle of May

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Isle of May 16 May 2017-0088Isle of May 16 May 2017-0088Birds on the Isle of May, 16 May 2017. I went on the May Princess sailing from Anstruther at 09:00. Lovely day with good cloud cover so that the plumage was better in flight.

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Guillemot: there are about 17,000 pairs of these birds on the Isle of May. These birds are a lighter brown and white that the Razorbills, but still look black and white from a distance. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0716Isle of May 16 May 2017-0716

On flatter areas that huddle together untidily. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0597Isle of May 16 May 2017-0597

And their stance will vary widely. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0628Isle of May 16 May 2017-0628

Occasionally a "bridled" individual will turn up. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0092Isle of May 16 May 2017-0092

A lonely bird - his companions won't be far away. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0267Isle of May 16 May 2017-0267

A view of some Guillemots from the May Princess on the way to the island. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0258Isle of May 16 May 2017-0258

A line of Guillemots on a narrow ledge. Younger more inexperienced birds nest lower down, more senior birds further up. There are 2 main advantages in being higher up. First of all high waves won't destroy you chances of breeding successfully and secondly, the lower down, the more chance of getting pooped on. Many birds lower down a cliff show more white than they should on their plumage! Yuck. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0346Isle of May 16 May 2017-0346

In this photo you will see Guillemots at the bottom with Kittiwakes higher up and some Razorbills mainly on the right hand side at all levels. 

Isle of May 16 May 2017-0338Isle of May 16 May 2017-0338

The same mix of species as the previous photo, but even more lines of birds. 



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