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Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0815Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0815

Keukenhof is a really beautiful garden which opened this year on 23 March until 21 May 2017. We visited on 28 March 2017. The previous time we visited was 04 May 2010. We enjoyed our visit in May much better than the one in March. We really visited for the tulips, but our second visit was much too early in the season and all we really saw were daffodils (we see them better in Scotland) and crocuses. The entry fee of €16.00 is the same regardless of the number of tulips in bloom! We had assumed that the flowers would be planted out on a rolling basis to keep the gardens alive with colour. They had put some boxes of tulips near the main gate. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0738Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0738

Daffs reflected in a stream. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0808Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0808

The main lake. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0700Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0700

There were a few tulips in flower. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0682Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0682

The white crocuses were giving an amazing display. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0745Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0745

This was quite a good colour scheme

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0780Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0780

Wide open tulips

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0736Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0736

More tulips 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0734Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0734

They have some interestingly shaped borders and water features 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0731Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0731

A lovely thatched seat 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0725Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0725

Ice cream - was expensive! 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0699Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0699

I do much prefer the tall neat tulip flowers to any others!

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0693Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0693

A back water giving some great reflections. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0679Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0679

See what I mean about the white crocuses were giving an amazing display. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0687Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0687

Even the contrasting shades of green make the gardens look wonderful

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0688Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0688

No idea what was going on in this corner - I really object to paying 16 Euros (EACH) entry fee to find that some of the gardens are roped off and security are keeping you out! Not at all what you would expect. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0809Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0809

Cafe area and toilets. Didn't eat on the site, but the toilets were really clean and well looked after. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0810Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0810

Cafe area and toilets.

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0676Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0676

Tulips in crocuses 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0674Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0674

Tulips in crocuses 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0675Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0675

Tulips in crocuses 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0672Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0672

More Daffys 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0666Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0666

Great reflections. 

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0645Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0645

Some tulips in boxes.

Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0659Keukenhof 28 March 2017-0659

Early blossom 

The gardens are well worth seeing, I just wish we hadn't gone so early, but glad we've seen the tulips previously. 


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