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Dean Village

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Dean Village 24 April 2017-0000Dean Village 24 April 2017-0000

Dean Village is one of those magical places - it manages to feel like a little country place in the middle of a city. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-0022Dean Village 24 April 2017-0022

The best way to enjoy is to walk to it via the Water of Leith walkway. This means you will soak in the quiet atmosphere as you approach and appreciate the natural beauty around you. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-0023Dean Village 24 April 2017-0023

The speckles on the pictures are cherry blossom and birds. Both were abundant. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-0043Dean Village 24 April 2017-0043

The architectural styles are many and varied - it all adds to the charm. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-0051Dean Village 24 April 2017-0051

There are several weirs in the river and quite a few of the buildings were mills. Another one was a bakers - look out for the explanatory signs. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-0005Dean Village 24 April 2017-0005

Despite being called a village - the houses are tall, not cottage like for the most part. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-000Dean Village 24 April 2017-000

There are some smaller cottage type terraces. The colour and texture of these is amazing. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-0009Dean Village 24 April 2017-0009

I love the variety of doors and windows. 

Dean Village 24 April 2017-0062Dean Village 24 April 2017-0062

One of my favourite buildings is the "Bentley Specialist". I really take an interest in Ghost Signs, so this is a real joy. 

Water of Leith 24 April 2017-0000Water of Leith 24 April 2017-0000

A very calm stretch of water behind one of the weirs. 

Water of Leith 24 April 2017-0006Water of Leith 24 April 2017-0006

There are several tall bridges of the river. This one is at the Britannia Hotel in Belford Road. 

Gallery of Modern Art 24 April 2017Gallery of Modern Art 24 April 2017

The Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art is nearby. Quite a nice cafe, and some of the exhibits are worth a browse (it's free!!) 



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