James P Deans | Ships' Graveyard, Bowling

Ships' Graveyard, Bowling

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Bowling 01 May 2017-0291Bowling 01 May 2017-0291

I decided that I should get myself to Bowling harbour at low tide in order to photograph the wrecks there before they deteriorate even more. What has amazed me is that there are very few of the wrecks with a known identity. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0115Bowling 01 May 2017-0115

The wrecks have been here for as long as I can remember, apparently they date from the mid 20th century when ship-building declined on the Clyde. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0256Bowling 01 May 2017-0256

As the ships fall apart wrecks merge together. At one point it is difficult to known which bit of wood came from which vessel. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0111Bowling 01 May 2017-0111

Some paint has lasted. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0276Bowling 01 May 2017-0276

In the far corner of the harbour is the wreck of the "Selby River", an old coaster. Sadly, it's the only boat I can identify for sure. The tug might have been called the "Atlas", but there's not anyone on-line who seems sure and the wreck beyond that is the remains of an old Scottish "Zulu" type fishing boat of unknown name. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0278Bowling 01 May 2017-0278Ships' graveyard at Bowling.

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Much the same view as above with a better view of the wrecks behind the tug. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0258Bowling 01 May 2017-0258

A closer view of the remains of the old Scottish "Zulu" type fishing boat. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0284Bowling 01 May 2017-0284

The main front beam of the "Zulu". 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0074Bowling 01 May 2017-0074

Some beautiful curves - mainly just the ribs survive - with quite a few nails protruding. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0070Bowling 01 May 2017-0070

Decay can be a beautiful thing.

Bowling 01 May 2017-0061Bowling 01 May 2017-0061

An old fishing boat. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0017Bowling 01 May 2017-0017

The wreck of an old lifeboat. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0154Bowling 01 May 2017-0154

Quite an unusual feature of Bowling harbour is the way in which stone "pyramids" have been built to house the bollards. I guess it was cheaper than building an entire quayside. 

Bowling 01 May 2017-0270Bowling 01 May 2017-0270




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