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Near Abercorn 30 April 2017-0009Near Abercorn 30 April 2017-0009

Union Canal near Abercorn. 

Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0020aBathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0020a

View over the fields with Pentland Hills behind the trees. 

Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0019aBathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0019a

Another panoramic view over the fields with Pentland Hills in the background. 

Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0010Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0010

Right Hand photo from the above Panorama - and a few more from the same sequence below. 

Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0008Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0008


Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0006Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0006


Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0001Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0001


Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0016Bathgate Hills 27 April 2017-0016

Another Panorama from the Bathgate Hills. 


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